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MOHR Learning offers an interactive tool designed to train retail associates in critical selling skills. Available in both Intranet-based and CD-ROM versions, Quick Start Sales Training is a complete self-study program that focuses on core selling skills. It also includes an online coaching guide for sales supervisors. According to company CEO Herb Cohen, new-to-the-floor sales associates can quickly learn classic selling skills such as how to welcome customers, ask the right questions, sell benefits, build a sale, and create customer loyalty. Cohen notes that the program targets the learning styles of associates who have grown up using interactive materials, and who may be more comfortable using computer-based techniques than traditional workbooks. MOHR Learning, Ridgewood, NJ; (201) 670-1001.

3M has announced an alliance with Kroll Associates that is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to counterfeiting problems. 3M manufactures security labels that can help retailers verify product authenticity, detect tampering or transference of genuine labels, protect brand names, and reduce financial losses; Kroll offers investigative services for corporations whose assets have been jeopardized. Together, the two companies can provide product authentication, investigation of counterfeit attempts, security audits, supply chain and manufacturing site security assessments, and ongoing subcontractor monitoring. Richard Rosetti, head of Kroll’s Product Protection Group, says that his staff is already trained in 3M technologies, enabling them to quickly implement investigative services on behalf of 3M clients. 3M Security Market Center, 3M Center, Building 225-1S-15, St. Paul, MN 55144-1000; (800) 328-7098 ext. 5, e-mail:

Professional Gem Sciences has launched a new four-color quarterly newsletter entitled “The Professional Gemologist.” The Spring/Summer 2000 issue is available free of charge to members of the jewelry industry. To obtain a copy, contact company vice president and CFO Myriam Tashey at Topics covered in the first issue include Australian opals, Kashmir sapphires, and the effect of fluorescence on the color grading and appearance of white and off-white diamonds. The “Lab Notes” section addresses issues such as new techniques for laser-drilling diamonds, identification of a mystery stone, and synthetic rubies. Professional Gem Sciences Inc., 5 South Wabash Avenue, Suite 1905, Chicago, IL 60603; (312) 920-1541, fax (312) 920-1547.