Build Your Brand Regardless of Your Budget

Thanks to social media, small businesses can build recognizable namesWe're longtime fans of results-based marketing; money you spend on a promotion needs to provide tangible rewards (i.e., money in the bank). Not that branding, or getting your name out there, isn't worthwhile—only that it's hard to do within a typical small jeweler's budget. Creating a brand requires generating instant awareness for your store and your product, ideally to the extent that when people think of purchasing products you sell, they think of your store first. We're all familiar with such brands as McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Nike. These companies spend millions of dollars each year to elicit a Pavlovian response when you hear their name.Branding can and does work, but it takes a major investment to create this level of consumer automation, and this is where most small businesses struggle. Traditionally, if you

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