Br@nding Your Store Reference Guide

Have you ever tried to grab hold of a live fish? It’s hard to grasp. And so, it seems, is the concept of a store brand for many jewelers.

While two out of three respondents to a 2006 JCK national survey said they have a store brand, many identified it as their store name, longevity in their market, their logo, or exclusive distribution of a product. One third of respondents were unsure, didn’t know, or had no answer.

So, what is a “store brand”—and why should you care about it? In today’s retail environment, when so much is branded and brands dominate daily life, having the right answers to those questions is essential.

This special JCK report on “Branding Your Store” gives you those answers and tells you how to implement an effective, profitable store-brand strategy, whether you’re just starting or have been in business for decades. It explains how to define, establish, and maintain your store brand. It’s filled with practical advice, from choosing the right products for your store brand to creating word-of-mouth ambassadors; from budget considerations to finding and holding key customers. Case studies demonstrate various aspects of store branding along the way.

This guide is designed for frequent use, and we hope it will become a well-thumbed reference manual for your own store-branding strategy.