‘Brilliant Restorer’ Instant Jewelry Cleaner

A new spray cleaner, “Brilliant Restorer,” cleans diamonds and other gemstones in about one minute, according to its manufacturer, without soaking. (Very dirty jewelry may require a light brushing for the product to work effectively.)

“Brilliant Restorer” uses two components: an enzymatic cleaner (similar to that used on contact lenses) and a mild hard-water remover. It can remove lime deposits left on diamonds by regular steam cleaning.

Each purse-size bottle retails for $5.95 keystone and contains a 1-ct. CZ. Each order includes a display placard or an optional stainless-steel display. Private labeling also is available, as are introductory specials. For information, call (866) 441-4423 or visit www.brilliantdiamondcleaner.com.