Brides Have the Power for Engagement-Ring Purchases

Some 64% of all engagement ring purchases involve direct input from brides, according to results of a recent survey from online wedding site When rings are purchased jointly by couples, brides are also more likely to get their way:

76% of brides influenced the cut or shape of the center stone.

73% influenced the metal of the ring setting.

70% chose the exact ring.

52% chose the size of the stone.

35% selected the ring and the retailer.

Brides also had a few pointers for retailers. “Make retail salespeople pay more attention to brides-to-be and not only to fiancés,” one engaged woman told “Make them realize that brides influence the decision.”

“Be less concerned if he was going to come in and more concerned about finding the perfect ring,” said another. “If I was rubbed the wrong way or didn’t find what I was looking for, then I would not be telling my fiancé to go back to that store.”

A final thought from a bride-to-be: “Have events specifically targeted to brides.”

Source: Online wedding site collected responses from 32,099 individuals in February 2005. Each respondent had either purchased or received an engagement ring in 2004 or in the first month of 2005