Bridal: Three Bridal Lines That Let Consumers Mix and Match

The Change-Up

If we know anything about the millennial generation, it’s that the demographic loves putting their own finishing touches on purchases—a preference on which several bridal jewelry makers are trying to capitalize in some new lines.

Stuller’s Solitaire Connections: Phase II Phase I of the system, which debuted last year, included 10 different styles of heads, collars, and shanks that can be mixed and matched in-store and clicked together to assemble hundreds of different ring looks. Phase II, according to Nate Button, product manager, findings, will feature a streamlined, more “user-friendly,” fumble-free setup. Buy-in is about $6,000 in 14k gold and diamonds for a display system of 10 collars, shanks, and heads; the more popular Continuum silver set is about $2,200 (both prices hinge on metal pricing). Once customers choose final components, stores can solder pieces together for quick sales.

A Gabriel & Co. semi-mount from the new Perfect Match system of mix-and-match heads; starting at $1,260 in 14k gold (212-719-3258;

Mireya by Harout Bridal designer Harout Aghjayan debuted his ring fit system—which is similar to Stuller’s but features Aghjayan’s popular ­Renaissance-inspired aesthetic—this spring. Women select from 185 different SKUs (from seven distinct collections) and 40 heads featuring marquise, round, oval, princess, emerald, Asscher, and pear-shape center stones. Retailers can choose inventory with CZ in silver or diamonds in karat gold, and eliminate wait times for rings because final selections can be soldered together within hours at a store. “The usual wait is from six to eight weeks for customization,” explains Aghjayan. “This system doesn’t give another retailer a chance to capture the sale.” Suggested retail prices for semi-mounts start at $800, and all rings feature a sizing bar and lifetime guarantee for upgrades with the same piece. Buy-in starts at $15,000 for a system with 14k gold shanks and CZs set in silver.

A few ring configurations in Stuller’s Solitaire Connections (800-877-7777;

Gabriel & Co.’s Perfect Match Program Gabriel & Co. recently debuted its Perfect Match system, which gives brides-to-be the opportunity to customize their engagement rings. A turnkey mix-and-match package includes 12 styles of ring heads and 49 different bands—resulting in hundreds of potential ring combinations. Semi-mounts start at $1,260 retail in 14k gold and can be made to order in 10 business days at a local Gabriel & Co. retailer or through the company’s website. Bonus: An iPad app makes it easy for consumers to browse and play. —Jennifer Heebner, with additional reporting by Victoria Gomelsky

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