Bridal Jewelers, Do You Need a Mobile App?

After an initial burst of interest, many industry tech pros now are dismissive of mobile apps. If it’s an either-or question, investing in your website might be a better choice. But apps are still better for some functions. If you think an app might be a good fit, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Unlike mobile sites, different apps need to be built for iPhones and Android devices. Because there are so many Android phones, “it’s often more difficult and costly to create an app for Android,” says Brad Spirrison, managing editor and vice president of content at

2. Says Christina Yee, e-marketing director at Boston-based Hearts On Fire: “The app is still good for people who want to look at it when they don’t have Wi-Fi access.”

3. Apps also are good for videos, Yee says. “With Wi-Fi, video can be spotty, but on the app, it streams beautifully.”

4. Says online marketing consultant Matthew A. Perosi: “You have to convince somebody to download your app. There’s got to be a value for them.”

5. Consider a dedicated iPad app. “The iPad, in particular, is seen as the best of the best,” Spirrison says. “You want to associate your brand with the device that arguably the most affluent consumers are on.”

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