Botswana Adds 16 Sightholders

DTC Botswana’s list of domestic sightholders includes 16 clients. Every client that set up a factory in the world’s largest diamond-producing nation had its application approved, in contrast to the situation in neighboring Namibia, where seven clients didn’t make the cut.

The clients are: Ascot (Steinmetz), Dalumi Botswana, DDA of Botswana (DD Manufacturing), Diamond Manufacturing Botswana (Star Diamond Group), Eurostar Botswana, H&A Cutting Works (Exelco), Lazare Kaplan Botswana, Leo Schachter Botswana, Moti Ganz Botswana, Pluczenik Diamond Co., Rand Precision Cut Diamonds, Safdico Botswana, Suashish Diamonds Botswana, Teemane (Diarough), Yerushalmi Bros. Diamonds Botswana, and Zebra Diamonds (IGC Group).

Tiffany, a partner with Rand, has received its second African sight. Steinmetz and Lazare Kaplan also have both Namibia and Botswana sights.