Best Bets for Fall/Winter Pearl Jewelry

  • Layers and colors. Freshwater pearls-dyed or natural-will be mixed up in messy layers and multiple colors.

  • Themes and variations. Tin Cup and Y-necklaces will continue to reappear in new variations. This year, watch for station necklaces in multiple strands. And look for the lariat to replace the delicate drops of the Y-necklace.

  • Mixing and matching. Some designs will use mixed and matched varieties of pearl, as freshwaters, Tahitians, South Seas, and akoyas mingle in multiple layers.

  • Traditional. Multi-strand traditional pearl necklaces and bracelets as well as stud earrings will be in demand to match the preppy clothes of the season.

  • Golden pearls. The warm hues of fall and winter clothes, along with the general trend toward everything gold, are driving designs featuring golden South Seas pearls.