Behind the Scenes at the Jewelry Sourcing Site JCK Marketplace

At the helm of, the new online sourcing tool that allows you to shop for inventory like you’re walking the aisles of a trade show, is ­marketplace manager Brittany Siminitz. From her base in Washington, D.C., Siminitz, a former retailer—she spent nearly four years at Joint Venture Jewelry in Cary, N.C.—talks about her first major sale, her favorite trend, and how being compared to a piece of candy is actually a compliment.

How long have you been in jewelry?
I got into jewelry right out of college, four years ago, with my first job at a retail store, working with marketing and social media. I’d always wanted to be in fashion and never thought I’d get into jewelry, but I grew to love it so much.

What was your first major sale as a retailer?
I was working with an older woman, probably in her late 70s. She went through the entire store for what felt like hours. I was new, so I had no idea how to handle it. Finally, she asked to see a brooch, an old Victorian piece with pearls and garnets. I saw her eyes light up when she pinned it to her shoulder, and I’ll always remember the feeling of watching her fall in love with it. That’s when I realized what this business is all about. People buy ­jewelry because they love it and it speaks to them. I think that’s awesome.

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What’s your favorite summer fashion trend?
Color! I love it, and I embrace it. The other day, I wore a particularly colorful outfit, and my husband told me I looked like a Jolly Rancher!

How often are new products uploaded?
Daily. It’s hard for even me to keep up. And seriously, just when I think I’ve seen the most amazing piece ever, another one is added. It never gets old!

Talk about some of the newest pieces on Marketplace.
Recent pieces I have fallen in love with have diamond slices and rough diamonds, like Khushboo’s earrings and Todd Reed’s rings. They’re a bit unconventional—not as shiny as brilliant-cut diamonds, but so artsy and cool!