Behind the Image

Have photographs of you and your store available, including high-resolution digital versions, preferably in “tif” or “jpg” format. High resolution means 300 dpi (dots per inch), but make sure images are large enough—four by six inches is a good rule of thumb. (You can change a low-res image to 300 dpi, but it will shrink and probably won’t be usable.) To check an image on your computer, right click on it, then click “Properties.” Following are additional tips:

  • For headshots, don’t be overly creative. Photos that are somewhat out of the ordinary are acceptable, but avoid weird angles, odd lighting, and other extreme “artistic” touches. The subject should look at the camera.

  • Take high-quality images of the store’s interior and exterior. Good lighting is crucial. Spruce up and remove clutter before shooting.

  • If you do use prints, write identifying information on a sticker and attach it to the back. Writing directly on the print may cause indentations to the front. In a pinch, use a felt-tip pen and press lightly.

  • Photos on your Web site should be low-res(72 dpi). Large images can slow it down.

  • If you can, hire a professional photographer.