Arizona Jewelers Moves to ‘Hip’ New Locale

Pierini Designer Jewelry recently relocated to the La Encantada shopping center in Tucson, Ariz. The store is now in a tony shopping center with brands like Cole Haan and Louis Vuitton, thanks to a deal struck with nationwide developer Macerich Westcor.

“We were in a location that was on a downswing, with a lack of marketing and general maintenance, and that always reflects on your reputation,” says owner Rich Pierini. “Now as the economy improves, the store is positioned to improve with it.”

Like the location, the look of the interior is equally fresh. It includes wood floors, contemporary glass and metal surfaces, and a curved reception counter that hides point-of-sale equipment and doubles as a bar complete with Lucite stools. None of the display cases have salespeople stationed behind them. Instead, salespersons interact with customers next to displays. Pierini says this helps eliminate the pretentiousness commonly associated with jewelry stores. “We want our store to feel approachable and comfortable—as if someone were in a living room,” he explains. “Part of the fun of shopping is going somewhere that’s hip.”

The new store also echoes Pierini’s design mantra of manufacturing nearly everything they sell. Just a few outside brands, such as Boccia Titanium watches, augment Pierini-made stock. The metal work and triangle motifs that line the walls are echoed in the jewelry in cases.