AGTA Election Results Announced

Results of elections for the American Gem Trade Association board of directors are as follows: president, Richard Greenwood, A.F. Greenwood, New York; vice president, Simon Watt, Mayer & Watt, Maysville, Ky.; secretary, Frank Farnsworth, Idaho Opal & Gem Corp., Pocatello, Idaho; treasurer, Fran Mastoloni, Frank Mastoloni & Sons, New York.

Serving as directors will be: Jack Abraham, Precious Gem Resources, New York; Richard (Rick) Krementz, Richard Krementz Gemstones, LLC, Newark, N.J.; and Philip Zahm, Philip Zahm Gemstones, Aptos, Calif.

The AGTA board of directors holds elections on a multi-year rotating cycle in order to guarantee coherence of the board’s long-term plans. This election method ensures that the board has members with multiple years of experience as well as new members with fresh ideas.

Members of the AGTA also voted on a constitutional amendment in this year’s election establishing a new “Student” category of membership. The intent is to bridge the gap between students studying educational courses with GIA or similar industry organizations, who lack the two-year minimum experience requirement to apply for Firm or Affiliate membership. Those new to the trade can now help to support the ethical and professional promotion of the natural colored gemstone and cultured pearl industry as a Student member of the association for three years while working toward the requisite experience to apply for other categories of membership.

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