AGS Grades ‘Round Fancy Brilliant Cuts’

The American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) will begin providing cut-grading services for round brilliants with facet arrangements different from the normal round brilliant, while using parameters in place for polish, symmetry, and proportions. Such diamonds will be referred to as “Round Fancy Brilliant Cuts.”

The AGS Fancy Cut Grade Research Project, conducted at the AGSL facility in Las Vegas, has been gathering data from the physical analysis of fancy-shaped diamonds to construct a new performance-based cut grading system.

The laboratory will not use the wording “AGS Ideal” or any term that implies “ideal” as a descriptor for AGS Round Fancy Brilliant Cuts. The term “AGS Ideal” will be reserved for the traditional round brilliant diamond containing 57 or 58 facets.

For more information please call (702) 233-6120 or visit the AGSL Web site at

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