Aaura Closes Its Doors

Gold jewelry manufacturer Aaura has gone out of business. The Chicago-based company announced the move in a message e-mailed to clients and friends and placed on the company’s Web site. It had been in business for 23 years.

Aaura filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Feb. 28. The company at the time said volatility in the price of gold, the weakening of the dollar against the euro, and a sluggish economy in Italy were among the factors that led to the filing. It added it was still “very much in business.”

But in late September the company announced that it was closing for good. “We want to thank our very loyal customers and wish them the best success in the future,” its statement said. “We would also like to thank our employees—current and past—for the unique collective spirit of the staff of Aaura that set it apart and made it so distinct.”

Company president Rick Miller did not return a call for comment.