A ‘Visit’ With Actress and Bulgari Fan Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman knew that the world’s richest woman returning to her penniless hometown to get revenge on the villagers (and the ex-lover) who betrayed her wouldn’t wear her heart on her sleeve; she’d wear her wealth on her neck. So to accessorize her character in 1964’s The Visit, Bergman chose Bulgari jewels, which she handpicked from its Via dei Condotti store in Rome. “At that time Bulgari was at its zenith in terms of design, innovation, and creativity,” says Jean Ghika, Bonhams director of jewelry in the U.K. and Europe. “They used large and important stones to create imposing and impressive ­jewels”—such as the platinum and diamond necklace with a 70.75 ct. cabochon-cut emerald pictured here. In fact, the actress wore Bulgari throughout the film. Like silver-screen stars Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, Bergman was very dedicated to the Italian jeweler—so much so that daughter Isabella Rosse­llini, who escorted her mother on Via dei ­Condotti ­shopping sprees, now designs bags for Bulgari.

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