A Great Show

I’m just back from the JCK ~ Las Vegas, LUXURY by JCK, and Premiere shows, and I’m happy to report they were far more successful than most had imagined they’d be.

It’s no secret that the economy continues to struggle, gas prices are shattering records, and the dollar cannot seem to find its low point. As a concerned, introspective industry, we also know the jewelry sector has its own unique challenges. Given all this, many were afraid this year’s shows might be disastrous.

Turns out that demand for original, salable, well-priced jewelry (provided by companies that are strategic partners and a pleasure to work with) is still strong. JCK has 12 sales representatives around the globe, and my time spent with them gives me a unique perspective on the entire show—every floor, every section, every ballroom. Throughout the show, we came across booths that were packed with buyers. Some manufacturers reported dropping only slightly from last year. Others said they were slightly up. A few told us they had their best year ever!

Of course, some manufacturers did see big drops in business, and there was a sense that traffic was lighter than in years past. Nonetheless, we all left the show feeling like a big bullet was dodged. Here’s hoping that this is the first sign of a bounce in jewelry sales this holiday season.

As always, the show for me was nine consecutive days of 7:30 wake-ups and midnight goodnights. (OK, I did go a little crazy with the staff until 2 a.m. one night.) It was an endless stream of meetings, presentations, time on the floor, cocktail parties, and events. It was exhausting and exhilarating.

Congrats are due to the organizers of many successful events I attended. The opening night cocktail party for LUXURY by JCK and the Premiere Show and Dana Carvey’s hysterical performance were terrific. Congrats to Yancy Weinrich and her staff on another successful year of these shows!

Congrats (and thanks for including me) to the organizers of the World Gold Council cocktail reception (always the most amazing food), the Natural Colored Diamonds Association breakfast (Alfredo Molina was a powerful speaker), Frederick Goldman’s Fab Four performance and party (I always wanted to see the Beatles), Lazare Kaplan’s cocktail party (it’s an annual highlight to see Marcee Feinberg’s smiling face there), The JCK Show’s opening night party and fashion show (they pulled off quite the event), the Plumb Club’s performance of Cher (we got to see the whole show!), LeVian’s annual fashion show (congrats, Eddie!), the International Colored Stone Association cocktail party (the lovely Barbara Wheat and the fascinating gemstone crowd), Elle Jewelry’s cocktail party (I finally got to meet their founder, Felix Chan), the Jewelers for Children Gala (always a job well done by David Rocha), and, finally, the fantastic Women’s Jewelry Association Diva Awards (way to go, Jenny O!).

There were other events I’m sure I missed, but a guy’s gotta get some sleep, right?

Finally, congrats to Dave Bonaparte and his team at The JCK Show on pulling together a successful show during challenging times.

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