A Global and Historic Brand

I’ve just completed two fantastic business trips. Each revealed the significance and importance of the JCK brand.

My first trip was to Hong Kong and Bangkok, Thailand. What amazing places! In Hong Kong, I had the pleasure of getting to know our dynamic new Hong Kong reps (Quentin Chan and Iris Lee of Leading Media Limited). In Bangkok, I got to do some fun bonding with Kelly Damrongkul, our Thailand rep (we share an affinity for Sex and the City and The Amazing Race!).

My time spent in both cities revealed the global scope of the JCK brand. Not a single person we met was unaware of the brand, and all associate it with the most prestigious jewelry exhibitions and publications in the industry.

Indeed, you’ll see a new advertising campaign in the months ahead, promoting both the shows and the magazines with the tag line, “JCK: The Global Leader in Jewelry Exhibition and Publishing.” It’s part of a continuing effort between the publishing group and our sister company, Reed Exhibitions, to mutually support our sterling brand.

My second trip was out West, where I had the pleasure of participating in the hugely successful GIA Career Fair (congrats to GIA’s Kathryn Kimmel and Bill Boyajian on another terrific year).

While there, Amanda Luke, editor of GIA’s The Loupe, presented me with a photocopy of the article written by Peggy Jo Donahue on the occasion of JCK magazine’s 125th anniversary. What an incredible legacy! The article’s many fascinating anecdotes (from an 1877 letter to the editor by Mark Twain to a 1969 cover featuring Richard Nixon) made me realize just how historic and important this publication is.

In an era when brand is king—and association with premium brands is essential—it is truly an honor to play a role in maintaining, shaping, and promoting the JCK brand.

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