A Gem of a Book

Rocks, Pebbles, and Stones: Confessions of a Private Jeweler is a collection of heartwarming essays by Fred Feldmesser, a jeweler and philanthropist turned author. Feldmesser is the son of a gem merchant. With childhood memories centered on 47th Street and the lessons learned from watching his father work with some of the industry’s most legendary gem dealers, it’s no surprise that as an adult Feldmesser continued in his father’s footsteps, becoming a private jeweler, dealer, and collector after a stint at Harry Winston.

The essays in this modest book (100 pages) are all from Feldmesser’s personal experiences. They capture the essence of the power that jewelry, gems, and stones hold, from the story of a dying woman’s wish to help a dear friend choose the right engagement ring to Feldmesser’s own work with critically and terminally ill children.

It is the children for which Feldmesser is best known in the industry today. As Freddy Rocker, a character of his own invention, he has for 25 years regularly visited the pediatric ward of Children’s Hospital of Boston. There he puts on a magical show of rocks, minerals, stories, balloons, and hope. For two hours, the children forget how sick they are and focus solely on the Mythical Rock Man and his stones and stories.

For any jeweler who’s feeling a little like Scrooge after the Christmas rush, Rocks, Pebbles, and Stones is just what the doctor ordered.

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