5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Store’s Website

Thinking about overhauling your website? Here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Spring for good photos. “To do it right, the photography can cost more than the production of the website,” says Matthew Perosi, founder of Jewelry Website Advisory Group in Totowa, N.J. And don’t use CAD images in lieu of photos, he adds.

2. Skip Flash. Search engines can’t “read” the words included in a flash banner, which hurts your ranking.

3. Keep videos short. “People usually get bored after about 45 seconds,” says Perosi.

4. Make your site faster. “It’s always a big conversion improvement driver when you can shave a few seconds off your load time,” says Craig Smith, founder of Trinity Insight, an e-commerce consulting service in Philadelphia.

5. Avoid music. “Don’t do anything on your site that’ll turn customers off,” advises Perosi. Music—especially if it reloads every time a user clicks another page—can send would-be customers fleeing.

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