5 Ways for Retailers to Battle Business Burnout

John Weaver, a Waukesha, Wis.–based psychologist and business consultant, shares four essential elements for keeping your emotional health intact so that your business stays on track:

• Clearly identify what is important to your business.
Successful companies recognize the value they’re bringing to the table beyond just their product. For ­example, a jewelry store might see itself as being very caring of the people who come through the door and value the way it treats customers.

• Treat tough times as a challenge.
Try to see a stressful time as a problem to be solved rather than as a period of defeat. Feel like sitting around and complaining? Instead, look at the issues you’re facing and figure out the next step.

• Focus on what’s in your control.
You can’t control everything related to your business—the economy, for instance—but there are other things you have a say over, such as the customer service you provide. Successful entrepreneurs ultimately are able to separate those two areas and focus on what they can manage.

• Solicit outside support.
Whether it’s from your family, ­colleagues in the industry, or friends in the community, outside support can help you feel less alone, provide you with a boost of energy, and offer opportunities to get feedback on new ideas.

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