5 Retailer-Friendly Time Management Apps

Need to take charge of your time? Here are five apps that can help.

1. Wunderlist: This app’s all about lists—including to-do lists with reminders—and allows you to share them with other people. (wunderlist.com)
2. Toggl: Toggl shows you exactly how much time you spend on tasks during the day and helps you analyze how to more effectively manage your time. (toggl.com)
3. RescueTime: This app lets you track your daily habits and shows how much time you’re wasting through weekly reports. (rescuetime.com)
4. Evernote: With Evernote, you can keep everything—documents, thoughts, video clips—in one place. You can share with friends from here, too. (evernote.com)
5. MyLifeOrganized: This app automatically creates to-do lists with priorities for you to focus on and lets you track your progress. (mylifeorganized.net)

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