4 tips for fun on the job

  1. The right attitude
    Convey the message that your store is fun, and the buying experience in it enjoyable.
    The last time I went to my local video store, it was bright and active, with music playing and everyone smiling. Three employees greeted me with a cheery “Hi!” They know customers come seeking entertainment and have tailored the store’s atmosphere to reflect that.

  2. Happy customers
    Jewelry shoppers are usually in a good mood. Rarely does someone announce, “I have to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend and I’m not happy about it!”
    If you have some funny selling stories, share them! I once had a customer who wanted his girlfriend’s name engraved on her engagement ring but was so excited about this big moment in his life that he forgot her name!

  3. Tie in to local events
    In the movie Hoosiers, an entire town rallies around its high school basketball team. In one scene, a local barber shop promises, “A win on Friday night = a free trim on Saturday!” Guess where the townspeople will go whenever they need a haircut?

  4. Take control
    It’s 8:30 p.m. on Dec. 21. A frazzled customer comes into your store looking for a watch—a Christmas gift for her husband. She’s carrying half-a-dozen bulging bags, she’s tired, hungry, and just wants to go home and collapse. You smile, say hello, and offer to hold her bags.
    Suddenly you’re commiserating about how busy the mall is and how hard it is to find a parking place. You share stories of fun times and holidays past; soon, she’s laughing, relaxed, and buying.
    There’s no secret formula to having fun with your customers. It’s all about your attitude, and you’ll quickly find that a winning smile and a positive attitude make sales.

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