4 Areas That Demand Knowledge and Training

There are four areas in which salespeople need training in order to be knowledgeable, perform their job responsibilities, and reach their maximum potential. No area is more or less important than another: If any is weak, an entire sales presentation may collapse.

  1. Sales Techniques: making initial contact, determining the customer’s needs, demonstrating merchandise, closing the sale, adding on, handling objections, and giving and receiving turnovers.

  2. Product Knowledge: talking to a customer not only about technical but also emotional aspects; describing features and benefits in terms that the customer understands; and comprehending inventory levels, prices, and financial considerations.

  3. Operational Knowledge: writing up job envelopes; repairing and maintaining jewelry; writing up a sales slip, layaway, and gift certificate; using the tools of the trade; knowing where everything belongs and returning items to their proper places; and understanding company policies and procedures.

  4. Customer Service Skills: sincerely thanking a customer and inviting him or her back, having exceptional communication skills, applying non-negotiable customer service standards (i.e., if you say it, do it), avoiding personal problems in business, and satisfying every customer.