3Beams Announces New Technology

3Beams Technologies, Hillsboro, Ore., has announced another advance in diamond inscription services. Its new “encoding” can brand color images, music, and even a small video clip onto the table of a diamond, all of which can be read and viewed on a specially converted Palm Pilot. According to Jayant Neogi, 3Beams CEO, these new services will be ready shortly. The company’s preliminary tests for branding in-side a gemstone have been promising, Neogi says. A system with that capability reportedly will be available within months. Neogi also announced that 3Beams’ branding lab for logos and barcodes is fully operational and in production. The company has opened a new branding facility in India. It’s also pursuing its rough branding initiative, which includes tracking the entire history of a diamond.

For more information about 3Beams and its latest in inscription technology, visit www.3Beams.com. Look for a more detailed story on 3Beams in the February issue of JCK.