10 Best Online Marketing Tools for Jewelers

These sites are bound to help your store run more smoothly

Following our article on online marketing tools, here are 10 more time-saving sites.

1. SurveyMonkey
Not only does it let you send surveys, but this site offers analytical tools to better use data collected. (surveymonkey.com)

2. AWeber Communications
This email marketing tool (with multiple templates) allows you to manage ­subscribers, send newsletters, and follow up. (aweber.com)

3. MailChimp
The easy-to-use MailChimp helps track subscriber engagement with your emails and send targeted messages. (mailchimp.com)

4. Blog2Print
For $14.95, convert your blog to a book. (blog2print.sharedbook.com)

5. Issuu
Create, browse, and share content on any topic under the sun on this archive/library/newsstand combo site. (issuu.com)

6. Eventbrite
Browse events you might want to partner with and post your own—for free. (eventbrite.com)

7. Responsive.is
Choose from more than 23,000 fonts, select a layout, then instantly test your designs on mobile devices. (responsive.is/typecast.com)

8. Time Doctor
If you outsource jobs to contractors, Time Doctor lets you choose to pay by the hour and accurately track their time. (timedoctor.com)

9. LiveDesk
Speak directly to customers with this embedded tool. (livedesk.org)

10. SMS Central
With features like Web SMS, email to SMS, and Bulk SMS, it’s easy to reach clients no matter your platform. (smscentral.com.au)