Zultanite now a GemsTV Exclusive

Zultanite, a Turkish change of color diaspore, is now an exclusive for GemsTV. According to Murat Akgun, managing member of Zultanite Gems, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., it was just after the Tucson shows this past February that Zultanite Gems entered into an exclusive agreement with the company.

“The only place in the world one can purchase faceted Zultanite,” says Akgun, “is through Gems TV. The only people who can use the name ‘Zultanite’ are our previous customers, or people who are buying through Gems TV.”

As noted on their Web site, “Zultanite Gems LLC has appointed GemsTV, an integrated manufacturer and television home shopping retailer of gemstone jewelry, as the exclusive global outlet for Zultanite. Now the only place you can purchase Zultanite, GemsTV is delighted to extend the privilege of owning this phenomenal gemstone to their valued customers around the globe. Your trusted source for genuine gemstone jewelry, their logo is your guarantee that the rare phenomenal gemstone you are purchasing is a genuine fine quality Zultanite gemstone – at a surprisingly reasonable price.”

Launched first in the UK, and now in the US, it will soon be expanded to Germany, China and Japan. The agreement is for 12 months with the possibility of a 5-year extension.

“It has been selling very well.” Currently Akgun is rehabilitating its mine to increase production. With GemsTV ordering everything Akgun can produce, he feels his hard work for the past 10 years is finally paying off.

A film crew will be making a documentary in the next few weeks, which should air in September. Along with the principals of GemsTV, and Zultanite Gems, cutter Rudi Wobito, of Wobito Gems, Ontario, Canada, will also be featured.

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