You’re Gonna Want Seconds: Vanna K’s Gelato Jewelry Collection

Vanna K Gelato green amethyst ring

As colorful and satiating as it sounds, Vanna K‘s Gelato collection is 100 percent obsession-worthy. As we work our way through an autumn that is already beginning to transition to winter before our eyes, color is unquestionably needed. Wardrobes slowly become darker and more muted in color, and the spirited effort to dress our best tends to wane, replaced by the need to just keep warm—whatever it takes. Hey, that’s winter. But it’s nothing a little bit of colorful jewelry can’t fix.

Vanna K tourmaline Gelato pendant


Vanna K’s Gelato collection, which pays homage to designer Vanna Kitsinian’s love of bold color, is a must for your customers seeking a dash of color this time of year. Imagine the warmest, heaviest sweater in your closet. Now imagine that sweater polished off with a gleaming, bold pendant from this collection. Voila! Much better. So when your shoppers come in from the cold, warm them up with a look at—and a sale of—any of these beauties.

Vanna K blue topaz Gelato ring

Vanna K Art Deco inspired pearl tassel earrings

“The inspiration for the Gelato collection focuses on design inspired by old world European vintage glamour,” says Arch Kitsinian, director of national sales for Vanna K. “The collection is named Gelato for the vibrant gemstone colors incorporated in the designs, resembling a summer sunset and horizon over the sea, which radiates different colors from the rays of sunlight.”

Vanna K emerald and diamond Gelato ring

Gelato’s pieces range from ultra-modern to classic, vintage-inspired and art-to-wear. Each look, in a collection that is quite large, shares the common denominator of color. Rich gemstones like tourmaline in its endless variations of shades, blue topaz, green amethyst, and sapphire—both blue and multicolor —star in the lively lineup. Two of my favorites: a green amethyst ring lined with cool green tourmaline, and a geometric blue topaz cocktail ring, quite the looker. (Both of them are pictured above.)

Vanna K sapphire Gelato pendant

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m relating the need for color to winter now, but it’s a necessity no matter the time of year. In the cold months, it brightens us, and our wardrobes, right up. And in the heat, it can be a cool drink of water, a happy respite—it is called the Gelato collection, after all. I guess there’s just really no bad occasion for color, am I right?

Vanna Ke Gelato blue topaz sphere ring

Vanna K tanzanite Gelato ring

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