You’ll Bug Out Over These 5 Impressive Insect Jewels

Marco Moore sodolite bug ring

Marco Moore

Have you heard the latest cuisine news? Foodies, this one is for you. 2015, it is being said, is saying so long to kale, and hello to—uh, yum—bugs. That and cauliflower, but the latter, I’m okay with. Imagine a night at your favorite restaurant and the featured dish on the menu is grasshopper tacos (actually, I was at a restaurant years ago where these were on the menu, but I think it’s becoming more common). Asian noodles with silkworms. Pan-fried crickets. Grossed out or intrigued? My first instinct is to be grossed out, though I have read about the nutritional benefits, and in the hands of the right chef, well, who knows? I like to think that I’d try most anything once, but really, I’d much rather wear bugs than eat them. Not real bugs: I’m talking exquisitely crafted, colorfully bejeweled ones, with big ol’ gemstones and shiny metal. Does that sound more up your alley, too? These particular jewels may cost just a bit more than your typical meal, but if I’m going to have bugs, I’m going to have them my way—doused in detail and sparkle and their only movement is as they swing from my ears.

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SHay one-of-a-kind diamond dragonfly pendant


Gumuchian ladybug on a leaf brooch


Wendy Yue Dragonfly Dip earrings

Wendy Yue

Atelier Minyon black diamond scorpion ring

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