You Can’t Have Trust Without Responsibility

You are responsible for what you sell, explains the AGS’ Ruth Batson.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a recurring theme in our industry: You are responsible for what you sell. The premise is that your business, your business standards, and your brand are inextricably linked. Adding to this shift in thinking is an increasingly vocal segment of buyers: millennials.

This well-informed group relies on companies to provide trusted brands and services—and they discuss their happiness and dissatisfaction with their friends and family online.

The diamond grading reports you use represent your business principles. Trust is a critical factor for consumers, and the right diamond grading report can distinguish your business immediately. Utilizing a trusted grading report, such as one from AGS Laboratories, gives you one less thing to worry about as a businessperson. And having the knowledge to review that report with your customer is even more important. In fact, many of our members will tell you that they leverage their knowledge and credentials with reports they can stand by, thereby establishing themselves as reliable, trusted business professionals.

The American Gem Society and a dedicated group of members formed AGS Laboratories in 1996 because there was a need to create a diamond-grading lab that shared the AGS mission of consumer protection. By offering reports that promise consistency and accuracy, you are taking an important step in ensuring your store has a reputation as a trusted business.

Trust is paramount for any consumer when making a meaningful jewelry purchase. If you are aligning your business with a brand and diamond grading report you trust, then you are giving yourself peace of mind and passing it along to your customer. —Ruth Batson, RJ, CEO, American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories