Yorktown Jeweler Raises Funds for Autism, Local Families

Myron Ruales, owner of Yorktown Jewelers in Yorktown, N.Y., is in the giving spirit. His store is giving back through two philanthropic initiatives this holiday season. 

“We are a part of a good community. We want our business to succeed, and my philosophy is that we will do this by showing the community we care,” says Ruales.

Yorktown Jewelers is carrying Wind & Fire bracelets, a new line from C.G. Creations. Wind & Fire is an eco-sustainable jewelry line created with a sense of environmental, economic, and social responsibility. A portion of the proceeds from the expandable bangles sales goes to charity. Many of the philanthropies chosen by C.G. Creations support children with disabilities. 

Each bangle has a charm with a specific meaning. The bracelet comes with a special card that explains the message of the charm.

Just a few days ago, Ruales started carrying the Wind & Fire charm dedicated to autism awareness. Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization that C.G. Creations supports. The bangles are made in the United States with recycled brass and antique gold or silver finish.

“Customers like these bracelets because they are stylish and they make them feel good. Wearing them gives them a sense of pride,” says Ruales. 

Frank Fiasconaro, the CEO, CFO, and designer of the Wind & Fire line started designing the bracelets last April. From the start, Fiasconaro knew social responsibility would be an integral part of the line.

“We try to do everything we can to make a positive impact. The best thing you can do is give your time to make a difference,” says Fiasconaro.

A portion of all of the store’s holiday proceeds will also go to Yorktown Love in Action, known as YLIA, a nonprofit organization that helps families in need in the local community. Ruales said that he read about YLIA in his local paper a few months ago and felt compelled to help the cause.

YLIA offers support and services to people who have fallen on difficult times because of circumstances beyond their control, such as accidents, sickness, or abuse.

“People go through tough times. One day, it could be one of my customers in need. I have a local business, so I feel that I need to give back to this community,” Ruales says.


JCK News Director