World Jewelry Center Early Supporters Come Together

Several jewelry industry leaders who have committed to becoming the first occupants in the proposed mixed use World Jewelry Center came together Tuesday for the second time in less than a month at the site.

The first ten tenants of the one million square foot project are:

Lucent Diamonds, Inc.
Robert Wan Tahiti
Estet Jewelry Co.
Kazanjian Bros., Inc.
Chow Tai Fook Group
Super Bell Jewelry
Tycoon Inc.
SimplexDiam Inc.
Alan Friedman Designs
JPI Packaging., Inc.

In addition, the American Gem Society signed a letter of intent on Oct. 25, just prior to the WJC’s launch party. The lavish event, held inside a tent on what is now barren land in downtown Las Vegas, was when the ten signed occupants were first introduced to the public. Representatives of those businesses attended the event, along with Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman, developer Robert Zarnegin, of Probity Intl. Corp., other local government officials, and local media.

The proposed 50-plus story World Jewelry Center will combine the corporate offices of domestic and international gem and jewelry companies in a trade tower that will be one of the tallest office buildings in Las Vegas, along with a separate, free-standing gallery of retail jewelry stores with broad middle-market appeal. The WJC is planned to open for business in late 2009 to mid 2010.
The World Jewelry Center is being designed by Altoon & Porter Architects and the cornerstone will be an iconic, state-of-the-art office tower. Occupants will own their own subdivided space in the tower, which will also include meeting and exhibition facilities, several international restaurants, a private club and a fitness center. The top floors of the tower will be dedicated to luxury residential condominiums. The adjacent three-story retail jewelry center will include a world-class gem and jewelry museum and exhibition space for the public.
“The WJC has attracted key trade leaders who span all industry sectors and international boundaries, creating an environment that will bring about new ideas and best practices that will only make our industry better,” said Bill Boyajian, WJC managing director. “Our emphasis will be on public education, security, convenience, product differentiation, and a great buying experience.”

Photo Caption: WJC proposed occupants and other key players in a show of strength (left to right):

Robert Zarnegin, Probity International; Toros Z. Kejejian, Tycoon; John Han, Super Bell Jewelry; Tip Cornell, Super Bell Jewelry; Turia Spector, Robert Wan, Tahiti; Alex Grizenko, Lucent Diamonds; Yogesh Madhvani, SimplexDiam; Alan Friedman, Alan Friedman Designs; Mayor Oscar B. Goodman; Ruth Batson, American Gem Society; Michael Kazanjian, Kazanjian Bros; Toros Kejejian, Tycoon; Bill Boyajian, World Jewelry Center; Madine Babayan, Estet Jewellery Company; Gayne Gevorkyan, Estet Jewellery Company; Gagik Vardanyan, Estet Jewellery Company.