World Gold Council Unveils New Bridal Campaign

“Gold Makes it a Marriage” features a high-profile spokesperson and karat gold wedding bands as the ultimate symbol of commitment.

The World Gold Council recently launched a new bridal campaign,
“Gold Makes it a Marriage,” with the help of legendary couture bridal designer Amsale Aberra, who serves as spokesperson
. The campaign highlights gold
wedding rings as a symbol of the deep and lasting commitment two people make to
each other on their wedding day.

“We believe “Gold Makes it a Marriage? is a ground-breaking
campaign that will reinforce gold’s role as the original and authentic metal of
love,” said David Lamb, managing director, jewelry, WGC, in a prepared
statement. “We need to remind couples that the wedding day may be special with
all its intricately planned details, but it is still just one day. Long after
the cake has been eaten, the I do’s are said and done and the details begin to
fade from your memory, it is the gold marriage rings that will remain with you
as the ultimate symbol of love.”

The campaign uses a multi-channel approach to reach
consumers through targeted print and online advertisements, as well as social
media. The “Gold Makes it a Marriage” message is delivered online via Facebook,
where couples can explore a virtual ring gallery, along with a “Make
it a Match” application, which analyzes a couple’s individual Facebook
profiles, posts, and interests to identify what they have in common.

Almost 78 percent of brides in the U.S. choose gold,
according to a survey conducted this year by The Knot Market Intelligence.