World Diamond Council Board Elects New Officers

The board of directors of the World Diamond Council has elected a new president, vice president, and treasurer.

Edward Asscher, who heads the Royal Asscher Diamond Company of the Netherlands, will be president; Andrew Bone, who heads government and industry relations for the De Beers Group will be vice president; and Ronnie Vanderlinden, representative of the U.S. Coalition and president of the Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association of America will be treasurer.

“I am looking forward to continuing the work of both my predecessors to whom we all are grateful,” incoming president Edward Asscher said in a statement. “The board and I will give new energy to implement the Kimberley Process, which has been so successful in preventing conflict diamonds getting into the trade. Consumers must remain able to maintain confidence in our products, and the well-being of all who are involved in the diamond trade must be the focus of our mission. That is the legacy that I want to be able to pass onto the next generation of young adults who work in the diamond industry, wherever in the world.”