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5 Medallions To Celebrate Women’s History Month


Historically, women have been through a lot (to put it mildly). There’s a reason, after all, we dedicate an entire month to honoring them—not only for their sacrifices but also for their contributions. We thought, what better piece of jewelry to celebrate women than a medallion? In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve sourced some of the most spectacular, powerful, and significant medallions—just like the women who inspired, and continue to, inspire them.

Foundrae medallion
Baby medallion in 18k yellow gold with 0.03 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,895; Foundrae

Foundrae’s miniature medallion is all about the balance between feminine and masculine energies. It also portrays the relationships between yin and yang, and solar and lunar, suggesting that a softer, feminine edge does not equate weakness. So while the saying goes, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” this piece makes the case for “beside.”

L’Atelier Nawbar pendant
Wared pendant in 18k yellow gold with mother-of-pearl and 0.05 ct. t.w. white baguette diamonds, $800; L’Atelier Nawbar

As a flower that sprouts through murky waters with clean petals, the lotus symbolizes finding strength and beauty through pain. Here, the delicate, handmade pendant also incorporates mother-of-pearl, which is recognized as an emblem of soothing, maternal protection. The combination of these two elements celebrates the incredible ability of women to survive anything while simultaneously caring for others.

Antique gold pendant
Antique pendant (also shown at top) in gold with enamel, diamonds, and pearls, $160,000; 1stDibs

Depicting the Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven, this antique pendant represents divine power, maternal love, and total reverence. Created during the 16th century (circa 1550–1560), it’s a subtle reminder of the feminine force that stands the test of time.

Reinstein Ross pendant
Love Cameo pendant or brooch in 20k yellow gold with 8.33 cts. t.w. blue sapphire cabachons and 2.72 cts. t.w. rose-cut champagne diamonds, Reinstein Ross

Part of a collection that honors the 12 Greek goddesses, this brooch–turned–pendant explores the strength and significance of Psyche, the goddess of soul, and her marriage to Eros (also known as Cupid), the god of desire and affection. It portrays a story of trust as a fundament of love, thanks to Psyche’s unwavering commitment—especially through great trials and tribulations.

Sorellina tarot card pendant
Le Stelle Tarot Card pendant in 18k yellow gold with 2.3 cts. t.w. sapphires, 0.05 ct. t.w. tsavorites, and 0.49 ct. t.w. diamonds, and 14.16 cts. t.w. black onyx, $17,500; Sorellina

Illustrating the scene of a woman communing with Earth, water, and air, Sorellina’s tarot card pendant suggests that a woman is the connection to the elements in the universe. Even more, as she embraces an abundance of earthly riches, it indicates the strength of a woman’s intuition and her ability to find light amid darkness.

Top: Photo courtesy of 1st Dibs

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By: Annie Davidson Watson

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