Women Have High Hopes but Low Expectations for Valentine’s Day

Women know what they want for Valentine’s Day: Fine jewelry, according to a survey. But getting it is a different matter. And if their sweethearts won’t buy it for them, they are more than willing to buy it for themselves.

Based on responses of more than 3,000 women, the survey conducted by Jewelry.com found:   

* More than 53 percent of respondents wanted jewelry on Valentine’s Day. Yet only 14 percent expected to receive it.

* A mere 1.8 percent actually wanted a card and 18 percent said they expected to receive a card. 

* And while there was no one who said they wanted nothing for Valentine’s Day, 18.4 percent answered that they expected to receive . . . well, nothing.

“Cupid clearly has a lot of work to do,” said Virginia Halevi, editor-in-chief of Jewelry.com. “In addition to low expectations, the biggest and most surprising finding of this survey is that most women feel Valentine’s Day could be the best occasion to truly love themselves.”

According to Halevi, the Jewelry.com survey showed that women are prepared (and willing) to buy themselves the Valentine’s Day gift they really want. 

* Nearly 70 percent of the women polled said they would consider buying themselves a Valentine’s Day present this year.

* Half of the respondents said the gift they would buy themselves would be jewelry (with almost 55 percent willing to spend over $50).

“This self-purchase attitude on the most sentimental of holidays appears to be part of a growing trend,” said Halevi. “Last season there was a dramatic shift among holiday shoppers who put themselves on the top of their holiday lists. So why not for Valentine’s Day?”

Jewelry.com—which provides a platform connecting jewelry shoppers with national, multi-channel jewelry retailers—has shopping tips to help men buy jewelry for women. Among the suggestions:

* Look in her jewelry box to learn about the kind of jewelry she likes;

* Consider her lifestyle and personality; and

* Ask her friends and family members.

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