Woman in Jewelry Store Breaks $44,000 Jade Bracelet, Faints 

A Chinese tourist received a faint-worthy shock when she inadvertently broke an expensive jade bracelet worth over $40,000.

According to local blog Shanghaist, the tourist was visiting a Rulli, China, jewelry store trying on a jade bracelet worth 300,000 yuan (about $44,000). When she heard how expensive it was, she quickly slipped it off her wrist—a little too quickly, as it turns out.

The item slipped onto the floor where it broke into the two still attractive, but far less valuable pieces.

Store staff attempted to calm her, but she still turned pale and passed out. Fortunately, fellow customers propped her up, so she didn’t end up joining the broken bracelet by falling to the floor.  She was eventually revived by local medical workers and taken to a local hospital. Pictures of the woman passing out have gone viral.


According to Shanghaist, the two sides have not yet agreed on the woman’s liability for the item, but her family has offered 70,000 yuan.

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8 responses to “Woman in Jewelry Store Breaks $44,000 Jade Bracelet, Faints ”

    • totally agree with that… but that wouldn’t be particularly click worthy so why bother with accuracy.

    • you are correct. maybe even cheaper, just looks more polish on cheap jade. It also looks like she fainted so she would not have to pay for the damage, Will have to see the video clip to know some more facts.

  1. I’m curious what jewelers block insurance would call this type of occurrence. And I wonder what the (ridiculously high) markup is on that bangle of not great color. We had someone drop and accidentally step on & break a piece of Paula Crevoshay jade that was way more rare and half the price of that bracelet. The wholesale fell under our deductible. The jeweler should not be charging the customer, unless that customer wants to buy the bracelet. $10,324.00 (70,000 yuan) is a lot of money for that piece. I agree with Tom Chatham. Good thing the poor lady only fainted. Could’ve been worse…

  2. Since she’s already lying down, pay her a visit in the hospital & present her with the bill for the overpriced bauble … cameras rolling, of course; after all, the resuscitating equipment’s already there. Tried on a ring by designer AnnoushkaDucas in Harrods, didn’t look like much of anything but it caught my attention, turns out the piece was valued at £20,000. & didn’t look any better than the costume piece I was wearing valued at £45., even the sales clerk agreed but changed his tune once the department manager passed within earshot; unless the rock came from outer space, it ain’t worth that kind of cash.

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