Winning Bids for Rio Tinto Pink Diamonds

A total of 65 pink diamonds were sold to 17 successful bidders from around the globe, many at record breaking prices, during the 23rd annual Rio Tinto Diamonds Argyle Pink Diamond Tender, held in Perth, Australia, Hong Kong, and New York.

The exclusive diamond sale featured the world’s rarest pink diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia, with about 100 key clientele personally viewing the diamonds in secret locations.

The Argyle Signature Stones picked for 2007’s tender attracted substantial interest due to the range of vivid and deep colors. Purplish reds, deep pinks, and a rare grey-violet diamond were included in this year’s collection, Rio Tinto said in a statement. 

Details of winning bids for the diamonds, amount of bidders, and total revenue generated from the Tender are not disclosed to protect successful bidders’ confidentiality. However, Rio Tinto pink diamonds are known to command prices exceeding $400,000 per carat, 20 times the price of equivalent white diamonds, due to rarity and market demand.

Leading colored diamond designer and luxury retailer, John Calleija, did participate in the tender for the 11th consecutive year, and spoke about it.

“I was thrilled to successfully win four diamonds, including three of the incredible purplish red diamonds,” he said. “I am already planning jewellery designs for my Argyle Signature Stones, which will be the flagship of my new London store.”

The Rio Tinto Pink diamonds are predicted to run out by 2018.

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