Winners of Rebel Chique Man-Made Diamond Contest Revealed

Six winners have been announced for Royal Asscher’s first Rebel Chique Design Competition, calling attention to jewelry made to highlight the diamantaire’s laboratory-grown Rebel Chique diamond line.

The relatively new Rebel Chique subsidiary of Royal Asscher Diamond Co. exclusively makes man-made diamonds, which are physically, chemically, and optically identical to nature-made diamonds and are available in numerous colors, according to the company.

The aim of the contest was to attract international design talent to highlight the spirit and beauty of the stones, and to inspire appreciation of diamond jewelry among a younger demographic.

Designers from 11 countries submitted renderings, and six winning styles will be produced and available for purchase on the Rebel Chique website.

Judges included Royal Asscher U.S. president and designer Lita Asscher, designer Erica Courtney, blogger Monica Stephenson, designers Reena Ahluwalia and Gitta Vanden­broeck, and jewelry editor/creative director Talya Cousins.

Winners across the six categories are as follows:

Earrings by Bimal Koley,  Dubai

Earring Category Winner: Bimal Koley of Dubai

Honorable Mention:?Sonam Shah of Mumbai

Pendant by Georgina Teng, Philippines

Necklace Category Winner: Georgina Teng of the Philippines

Honorable Mention:?Annie Fensterstock of the United States

Ring by Amelia Rachim of Italy

Ring Category Winner: Amelia Rachim of Italy

Honorable Mention:?Remy Rotenier of the United States

Bracelet rendering winner by Annie Fensterstock

Bracelet Category Winner: Annie Fensterstock of the United States

Honorable Mention:?Vijayshree Sovani of India

Menswear rendering winner by Georgina Teng of the Philippines

Menswear Category Winner: Georgina Teng of the Philippines

Honorable Mention:?Brenda Smith of the United States

Rebelwear category winner by Alison Nagasue

Rebelwear Category Winner: Alison Nagasue of the United States

Honorable Mention:?Scott Cusson of the United States