Why Isn’t There a Reality TV Show About Bridal Jewelry?

This infographic from Simply Bridal makes it clear that a a television audience exists for everything having to do with an unhinged bride-to-be.

What I want to know is, why hasn’t there been a show about one picking out jewelry for her wedding day? Reality television is built around conflict, so maybe the thought is there wouldn’t be much contention in a bride choosing baubles to accessorize her dress. But I’m willing to bet there is more conflict involved in that process than we know about.

What if the bride had to choose between family heirlooms, and insisting relatives are constantly calling/visiting with suggestions? What if rival jewelers were competing to put together the best bridal jewelry promotion? How about a Project Runway-style engagement-ring design competition judged by some big names in the jewelry industry?

TLC, I’m awaiting your call.

As a relative newcomer to the industry, I’m sure all of our readers have much better ideas on what kind of show would be a hit. Check out the infographic and share your thoughts in our comment section. I’ll feature the best ideas in a future post!

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