Why Giving the Gift of Jewelry Still Matters

One Christmas, my mother was surprised to find that after all the packages had been given out to her nieces and nephews, two more gifts were waiting under the tree, both with her name on them.

Confused, she started cautiously tearing at the seams of the wrapping paper. Since the little ones now outnumbered the adults, the elders in the family had agreed not to exchange gifts. Well, my mother’s middle son doesn’t like to follow the rules, especially when given the opportunity to craft a good moment.

She cried when she saw the dark brown pearl necklace and bracelet set I bought for her through some jewelry industry contacts. The hug she gave me was worth attempting to pay back everything she’d given me in my life, even though I still had a long way to go. My father even took her out on the town so she could show them off!

The reason I’m telling you all of this is because during last night’s #socialjewels Twitter discussion, I posed the question: Do you think giving a piece of jewelry as a gift still has the same impact in today’s world as it did in the past?

The answers were overwhelming in the affirmative. Peggy Jo Donahue may have summed it up best:

This Saturday, I’ll have a longer write up on the other issues the group discussed, but I couldn’t resist sharing everyone’s most memorable piece of jewelry.

What’s your favorite jewelry-related memory?