Who Prefers Brick-and-Mortar? The Youngest and Oldest

The 18-to-25 and 61-and-over demographics are the most committed brick-and-mortar shoppers, according to a new report, “The Future of Retail 2017,” by Walker Sands Communications.

More than half—58 percent—of Generation Z consumers (18 to 25) prefer to shop in physical stores versus shopping online. That’s roughly on par with the oldest shoppers: 63 percent of shoppers aged 61 and over said the same.

By contrast, only 43 percent of 26–35-year-olds prefer brick-and-mortar shopping over e-tail; 48 percent of 36–45-year-olds; and 56 percent of those 46 to 60.

Overall, nearly half of consumers (46 percent) now prefer shopping online to doing it in a store.

The survey found that 29 percent of consumers shop online at least weekly; only 4 percent don’t shop online at all.

When asked what would get them to shop more in physical stores, consumers generally singled out unique experiences. Some 30 percent wanted food and beverage offerings, 18 percent wanted a personalized shopping experience, 18 percent wanted a live product demonstration, 17 percent sought special events and entertainment, and 16 percent would like activities for families with kids.

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  1. Brick-and-mortar stores are here to stay. People still are looking for an experience when they shop and online shopping won’t do the trick. Invest in a good point of sale system, analyse data, make changes to get better results and train your employees to become better customer service representatives. Keep in mind to give top quality service and product and you will be fine as a brick-and-mortar store.

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