Who Are the Top Internet Jewelers?

Even today, with all the hype about e-commerce, most jewelry is still purchased in brick-and-mortar stores. In a 2014 Deloitte survey, 52 percent of consumer said they preferred to purchase jewelry at stores, 8 percent said online, but 40 percent were undecided.

Yet, plenty of jewelry is being sold on the Internet, perhaps more than the industry realizes.

Here, according to a recent Internet Retailer report on luxury e-retailers, are the top North American online jewelers by sales. This information is being reprinted here with the site’s permission:

Blue Nile                                           $473.5 million

Signet (all brands)                            $275 million*

Tiffany.com                                       $256 million*

Jomashop.com                                 $140.7 million

Ross-Simons.com                            $112.9 million*

JamesAllen.com                               $96.8 million*

Ashford.com                                     $89.4 million

Ritani.com                                        $50 million

Ice.com                                             $48.1 million*

DiamondNexus.com                        $39.6 million*

* connotes estimate

Source: Internet Retailer Luxury E-Retailers Report

The chart above excludes overseas companies. Chinese sites held the second and third positions in the original report.

Some thoughts:

– The data shows that the online market for jewelry is, like the offline market for jewelry, splintered, though dominated by one major player (Blue Nile). But there are also a lot of niche players, particularly in watches, including Jomashop and Ashford. Based on this number, online is turning into a significant watch distribution channel, perhaps under the radar. (We should note that at least one formerly prominent watch site ran afoul of copyright issues.) 

– The big names in brick-and-mortar, Signet and Tiffany, are now significant players in online sales. Helzberg is way down the list, and Fred Meyer Jewelers isn’t listed.

–  About the only name that might be missing is Brilliant Earth, the San Francisco–based specialist in ethically produced diamonds.

– Most of the top names on the list have been around for a while (except for Ritani) and a few, such as Ashford and Ice, have gone through a few iterations. Still, five years ago, Signet and Tiffany were lesser players in e-commerce. Ritani was not on the radar. The situation in jewelry e-tail still seems extremely fluid. 

More information can be seen in Internet Retailer’s report, which can be purchased here.

JCK News Director