What’s the Deal With Celebrities and Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings?

Rahaminov three-stone diamond emerald-cut engagement ring

Rahaminov Diamonds engagement ring in platinum with 7.11 ct. emerald-cut center stone and 8.15 cts. t.w. side stones

Another celeb engagement announcement, another emerald-cut engagement ring. Maybe that’s generalizing things a bit too much, but it sure does seem that, despite a few heart-shape diamonds and vintage looks in the mix, a large portion of star engagements have the emerald cut in common. Angelina, Beyoncé, Amal Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker— the list goes on, and I’m sure that Victoria Beckham has one in her multi-ring collection somewhere. So, when this article popped up this week, I thought, okay, this is legit. Emerald cuts definitely have a grip on Hollywoodland.  

I want to make it clear that I am not knocking emerald cuts. I think they’re gorgeous, and, though I personally am drawn to the cut in a colored stone rather than a diamond, I wouldn’t kick one out of my jewelry box if you know what I’m sayin’. But I’m just wondering what the draw is for such a seemingly large group of celebrities. One user on Twitter had this to say:



Truth. Emerald-cut diamonds do have the look of sophistication. But more so than an oval? An Asscher? A classic round? I guess that all depends on your style and what you like. But here’s the thing: I think anyone can agree that, when comparing diamond cuts, the emerald doesn’t possess quite as much glitter as say, a round brilliant or a cushion. And in a world of glitz and glamour, what gives? Is too much sparkle perceived as unsophisticated? Do celebs love this particular cut because its broad shape elongates the finger? Are celebs just like us, influenced by their peers’ possessions and choice of bridal bling? And finally, is there some sort of emerald-cut diamond engagement ring association that lobbies for more of the stone on Hollywood starlets? All good questions (yes, even the last one). I’m asking for your thoughts. Do you think this is purely coincidental or that emerald-cut engagement rings are simply where it’s at? Let me hear it! I’d also be interested to know how well the cut sells among brides-to-be in your store.

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