What’s the Deal With the Bib Necklace These Days?

It was a @thirdcoastgems‘ Instagram post that got me thinking about the bib necklace. The jeweler behind Third Coast Gems’ feed, Benjamin Guttery, requests that we “start a movement” around the style. I realized that we have sort of lost sight of this particular style, in the natural ebb and flow of things.



Via: @thirdcoastgems

A few years ago, bib necklaces were all the rage. I know this because I had a ton of them—the easy prices from places like BaubleBar made this totally possible and made it even less difficult when I, realizing I had way too many to ever wear, decided to let some of them go.

But there’s a big difference between the über-accessible, fast-fashion styles and the one-of-a-kind, truly artisan pieces like the one shared above, a design by the always-enchanting Parlé Gems (and spotted at LUXURY by JCK last week).

In a fast-fashion, on-the-street capacity, I don’t think the bib will see a resurgence quite so soon.  (I am not an advocate, but I do think the fast-fashion world is the ideal temperature check for what’s truly “trending.”) A quick look at BaubleBar’s Statement Necklaces section finds mostly layered styles and thick, chunky torsades, while the more upscale Shopbop exhibits some collar necklaces, the closest design to the bib.

That being said, the opposite is true for fine jewelry, and I think that argument can be made for nearly any style. If it’s beautiful, and a designer puts in the hard work and it shows, you can bet we want it. I think the bib is an excellent vehicle for displaying some really intense metalsmithing, and I’m dying to see more of what our industry’s talents can do.

So, can we start a movement around the bib necklace? I second Benjamin’s request! There should be many more displayed in this blog post, I think. Designers! Whatcha got?

Top: Puka necklace in sterling silver with turquoise and gemstone beads, price on request; Vanessa Montiel

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