What’s Selling in Stores This Week: Colored Stones

We asked four retailers located in four corners of the country to share their top-selling colored stone pieces this week.


Decker Diamond Jewelers, Ebensburg, Pa.

Don Conkey & Sons sapphire and 14k white gold ring, $1,000. “People like it because they really love the Princess Diana look,” says owner Fran Decker.


Sam Edwards Jewelers, Chattanooga, Tenn.

Lorenzo Collection sterling silver and 18k gold jewelry featuring semi-precious stones, $325 to $525. “Buyers get a lot of look for a good price,” says owner Sam Edwards. “And it has a lifetime guarantee, which people love.”


Samuel Gordon Jewelers, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Tacori’s 18k925 fashion collection featuring gold and sterling silver pieces embedded with neolite turquoise [clear quartz over turquoise], $100 for a chain, up to $2,500. “We’re getting customers who are really experimenting with nontraditional colors for spring,” says Daniel Gordon, the company’s president.


Jewels by Joseph, Newport Beach, Calif.

Diane’s Mark by Diane Mazza briolette-cut drop earrings in semi-precious stones, $300 to $1,500. “They’re selling well because they’re affordable and color right now is popular going into spring and summer,” says Claire Hartstein, head of sales and marketing for the company. “Also, the briolette cut is so beautiful — it sparkles from all sides.”