What’s Selling in Stores: Charms

We asked four retailers located in four corners of the country to share their best-selling charms have been this week.


Nelson Coleman Jewelers, Towson, Md. Chamilia sterling silver holiday beads, $50–$60. “Seasonal and holiday-related items do very well this time of year,” says Sarah Goggins, assistant marketing director. “They make the perfect holiday gift.”



Lewis Jewelers, Ann Arbor, Mich. Pandora sterling silver fall and holiday charms, $35–$40. “Because of the new releases and the holiday season, these are definitely the best sellers at the moment,” says Muffy Largin, Lewis Jewelers’ Pandora specialist. “The store has carried Pandora jewelry for nine years and it’s been busy throughout. We have a Pandora shop in shop here.”



Sarah Leonard Fine Jewelry, Los Angeles Chamilia Kaleidoscope colored beads, $70. “We definitely sell more of the colored beads. They’re something different and bright without being overly expensive,” says vice president Dean Abel.



Wiggins’ Jewelers, Lebanon, Tenn. Pandora love charms, $30–$75. “Pandora brings a lot of people in to our store. It’s a go-to for gift shopping, for men especially. A lot of men get the love ones for anniversaries,” says marketing and sales manager Mindy Simmons. “Add-ons are easy gifts. Also, we keep a wish list record so we keep up with what charms our customers already have.”