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One of my very first blog posts here on JCK Marketplace was all about steadfast looks in the world of bridal jewelry, from the classic solitaire to the vintage looker. And while I stand by my choices for eternally in-style diamond rings, I’ve also been noticing a lot of great trends, both from JCK Las Vegas and its online counterpart, JCK Marketplace. I’d like to point out that the term trend is used quite loosely here, as some of these looks could stand the test of time just as well as a classic Tiffany setting. Take a look at some of my favorites below.


Bridal Art

Erik Sterwart Elevation ring From my discussions with exhibitors at the show, as well as my observations of new bridal collections, I gather that retailers and brides-to-be are itching for something different right now. Enter Erik Stewart and his artsy interpretation of the modern engagement ring. Its clean lines and stunning sparkle help the piece maintain a classic feel, but I think it certainly satiates the need for something a bit out of the ordinary.   


Statement Bands

Rina Limor diamond wedding bandsWho needs two rings when you have one wide enough (and sparkly enough) to wear instead? The diamond bands are great as an anniversary gift or as an alternative to wearing a wedding set each and every day. Rina Limor offers these dazzling options in a variety of widths, diamond shapes, and metals.


Colored Diamonds

Leibish Co. black diamond solitaire ringJCK Las Vegas showcased an abundance of the celeb-favorite yellow diamond engagement ring, but the color doesn’t have to end there. And while I’m a huge fan of Leibish & Co’s black diamond ring in rose gold, there’s also pink, blue, champagne…



Charles Ligeti two-tone semi-mountWhy choose between yellow and white gold when you can have both? While many of the trending two-tone engagement rings aren’t quite as extreme as this modern semi-mount from Charles Ligeti (many I’ve seen have subtle yellow gold accents against a white metal), it’s the perfect option for a stand-out fashion-forward piece.


Earthy Organics

Margery Hirschey rose-cut diamond ringDelicate, handmade diamond rings set with rose-cut diamonds like Margery Hirschey’s design are like Hansel in Zoolander: so hot right now. Some are set with diamond slices, some with colored gemstones. The organic almost-vintage look preserves the classic feel needed to ensure a long-lasting, always-in bridal gem.

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