What You’re Talking About on JCKonline, Week of March 6

Gold jewelry and gold coins were on commenters’ minds this week

Amanda Gizzi on “Treasure Hunters Discover 2,500-Year-Old Gold Jewelry”:

I love this. This is yet another reason why jewelry is so special. Very few things in this world will ever look this incredible after being pulled from a field 2,500 years later!

Robert Leser on “Treasure Hunters Discover 2,500-Year-Old Gold Jewelry”:

Finally there’s undeniable proof who designed the first cable bracelet with stones in the end settings!

JT Curtiss on “Gold Coin Dealer Targets Jewelers”:

[W]hile words like keystone don’t exist in the coin universe as to operating in the traditional wholesale to retail environment (think 5% instead of 50–100%) there is strong profit potential in the over-the-counter numismatic buy/sell sector, for those willing to attain or pay for the necessary expertise. Which also plays into my own warning: counterfeits. Think knock-offs of Tiffany silver and fake diamond certs are a problem? You ain’t seen nothing yet compared to the masterfully created fake 1700s silver dollars and scarce gold coin dates complete with artificial aging, etc., as has wormed its way into the collector coin arena. Caveat emptor as always, but in this instance, caveat venditor too. I’ve done higher-end pawn, estate jewelry, coins, and firearms for many years, and in no market segment is the asymmetry of knowledge more prevalent or more dangerous than with rare coins.

Dan Scott on “Gold Coin Dealer Targets Jewelers”:

Gold is in the news a lot these days and you’re probably selling gold constantly right now.

Consumers trust independent jewelers and think of your store as a place of personal investment. And isn’t it? Maybe it’s time to give consumers a reason to do a double take. Give them something unexpected…something with genuine value, aspiration, and something that is a progressive asset to your bottom line. To me, this is a golden opportunity if handled properly by the right stores. Not everyone will get it, but that may be the best part for those that do.

Elisabeth Austin on “Shreve & Co. Trunk Show to Feature Catherine Deneuve’s Necklace”:

[Estate jewelry manager] Peter [Hernandez] is rockin’ it at Shreve [&] Co. with this type of event. Creating excitement of collectible jewelry and doing the necessary promotion. That’s what it takes to support the collector excitement and enthusiasm.

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