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Swiss watches and wearables were on commenters’ minds

Tyler on “The Swiss Watch Industry’s Terrible Year”:

[T]he glory days of mechanical watches are fading quickly…prices are high and knock-offs are flowing from Asia. And yes, smartwatches have arrived and are more affordable. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like a beautiful Swiss movement behind a well-crafted enamel dial, but how many people wear those on a daily basis and can afford them? The next gen ain’t so interested, nor do they want to shell out that kind of dough. So let the tech-watch wave roll. I hope the Swiss get on board so they can still make those amazing traditional timepieces in addition to the modern tech ones. We don’t want to lose those fantastic, mechanical, handcrafted watches!

Jim Adair on “The Swiss Watch Industry’s Terrible Year”:

It’s funny how the gray market is ignored. How else does Costco get Cartier watches since they are not authorized dealers?… I truly believe it will only get worse as the watchmakers have to move product and pay their bills just like a store, so they will find an avenue to move product.

Jewelry SEM Girl on “The Swiss Watch Industry’s Terrible Year”:

I am surprised you didn’t address Fitbit and stuck to Apple Watch. Fitbit was the 1–2 most searched-for keyword in the retail sector during holiday (source, Experian) for the last 2–3 years. The market penetration for that brand is impressive, and several watch consumers (especially women) have moved to this product at varying levels of price points.

Michael Pucci on “Fossil Group Will Release More Than 100 New Wearables in 2017”:

I saw these [Misfit Vapors] at [the Consumer Electronics Show]—JUST WOW!! Apple should be concerned. My hats off to [Misfit vice president and general manager] Preston Moxcey—GREAT job!

JC Craves on “Remembered: J. & S.S. DeYoung Salesman Aster Dye”:

I’m so very sorry to learn of Aster’s passing. What a sweet man with knowledge and stories no one else could tell. I wish we’d saved the Post-it note where he sketched the design for what would become my beautiful engagement ring.

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